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I’m A Student Again! Here Are 3 Awesome Student Discounts That I Am Using

I never imagined I’d say these words, but here I am—officially a student again. Four years have passed since I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Business, believing I had left exams behind and hoping to clear my HECS-HELP student loan ASAP. Well, not quite. To the utter joy of my immigrant mother, I am…

I Tracked Every Cent I Spent For 6 Years. Here’s The Budgeting Lessons I Learned

Last week, as I dug into the digital archives of my financial journey, I stumbled upon a humble relic – my very first budget created back in 2017. It was nothing fancy, just a simple excel spreadsheet divided by month. I would manually type out every purchase I made, including the date, amount and what…

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