Is Buying Expensive Makeup Worth It?

For those of us who love makeup, it can be hard to figure out if it is worth it to buy a more expensive item.

As a makeup connoisseur for the last decade, I think that it really depends! There are unfortunately a LOT of brands out there who charge obscene amounts for poor-performing products. There’s also brands who charge next to nothing with incredible, high-quality products.

So, how do you know if you’re getting your moneys’ worth? It really is about experimentation and research – trying product samples, reading reviews and blog posts. Not making any impulse purchases, especially if you are new to makeup. It is such a disappointment spending a lot of money on a product only for it to perform poorly.

That being said, I find that the product itself matters a great deal too.

I’ve made a quick cheat sheet to help you decide on if you should buy an expensive or cheap version of an item. For foundation and concealer, I find that cheaper ones don’t have a good finish, high coverage, last a long time or have a good colour range. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive mascara as you have to throw them out so often!

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