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First State Auctions Review: Buying Jewellery From Police Raids & Bankruptcies

Whoa, whoa – buying jewellery that belonged to criminals?! Yes! Here’s my review of First State Auctions.

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I came across First State Auctions through a sponsored Facebook post. The website mentions that they are “selected as auctioneers to various Commonwealth of Australia government agencies in the sale of seized, recovered and unclaimed jewellery.

I browsed through the catalogue and my first thought were:


Not only were the pieces beautiful, but had rare items such as Argyle pink diamonds. I was salivating while browsing the catalogue. The other aspect I noticed were the very reasonable prices. I usually purchase my fine jewellery second-hand, but these prices were even cheaper than that. They were significantly less than what you would pay at a retail jeweller.

I know what you’re thinking “Is this even legit?”. Well, I decided to buy something and try it out so I’ll waste my money instead of yours.

Look at those stunning diamonds!

I decided to sign up and place some bids. After being outbid very quickly, I managed to actually secure a piece! I bought this beautiful 1.05ct ruby, diamond and 14k yellow gold necklace for $475. With the 20% buyer’s premium, I paid a total of $570 which included registered shipping. This necklace was new and not pre-owned which was awesome for that price.

Winning the auction was such a thrill. Is winning auctions addictive? I could totally get on it. Moving on, the process post-purchase was excellent. I was immediately emailed a confirmation of purchase and my invoice. Later, a staff member reached out to confirm my address. After that, it was shipped out within a day or so by registered mail and I was provided a tracking number. Their efficiency was awesome and made me feel very confident about my purchase.

I received my package within 4 days of purchase and here is my beautiful new ruby, diamond and gold necklace! What do you guys think is the story behind this necklace? I wonder who it belonged to.

Looked even better than the picture! Came in a beautiful box too!
So elegant and dainty!

First State Auctions Review: Would I do it again?

Yes! Not only do you get a great deal on beautiful fine jewellery, but it’s such a fun experience. I really enjoyed the process of browsing, bidding and of course the feeling of winning the auction.

Since the original ruby necklace, I have made two more purchases with the website. Of course, this is all after careful budgeting. Remember, fine jewellery is a luxury so it’s important to save and budget for some items. Here are some articles I’ve written that can help save you money:

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