3 Online Shopping Hacks To Save You Money

Australian eCommerce grew more than 80% in the 8 weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared by the WHO*. Whoa. We’re online shopping more than ever before so here are my 3 secrets to help you save some cash. We all know to search for coupon codes and sort from lowest to highest cost so here are some different ideas.

1. Use Honey to find all possible coupon code available publicly

It’s 2020, there’s no need to Google store coupons to get a deal. Instead, simply install the Honey Google Chrome extension (which is completely free!). This handy tool will automatically scan the internet for public coupon codes and try them for you at the checkout. It will then apply the one which saves you the most money.

This tool is great because it saves you time from having to do manual searches and testing them yourself if they have expired or not. It is also great if you are forgetful, as it reminds you to scan for coupons when you are checking out in an online store.

That’s not all. It also acts as a cashback service for lots of popular stores such as Kmart, iHerb, Pretty Little Thing, Clearly Contacts. This means by using the service to save money, you get a small % of your money back. I’ve received a $23 free amazon gift card this way.

Sign up for free here and get 500 gold: https://bit.ly/31tq0cs (it’s my referral link so I will also get 500 gold)

And, if you’re thinking “How do they make money? Are they selling my data?!” – click here to find out.

2. Use Cashback services

If you online shop regularly, you need to use as cashback services!

Similar to Honey, cashback services, give you a small % of cash back for your orders. I would highly suggest Googling different services available for your country. In Australia, my favourite one is Shopback, which is free. It has the largest range of online shops and includes stores such as Woolworths, Myer, Ebay, Dan Murphys, ASOS, Sephora.

Shopback has a handy extension for Chrome so I can activate the cash back with one click, it also reminds you of its existence as soon as you shop on a participating store. I’ve earned $29 in rewards for just clicking a button before I checkout, not bad!

If you want to sign up to Shopback, use my referral link and earn $5 instantly –  https://bit.ly/39cA8ZG

3. Research the best value stores & stick to them!

Some online stores offer the basics – they never have coupon codes, products are priced slightly higher, never have free shipping. Others always have offers, gift with purchases and sales – stick to the latter! You may have to invest time to actually research which stores offer the best value. However, doing this will help you save money in the long run.

An example of this is Adore Beauty. This online beauty store offers free shipping on most orders, has products priced fairly, gives free samples and regularly offers free products with purchases. Often these free products are usually very useful and high-quality. So, instead of buying a product from another online store where I get no perks, I would rather buy it from Adore Beauty because I know I can get a free shipping, samples and a nice free gift – all while paying the exact same price.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you save money, earn cash back rewards and overall become a more savvy online shopper!

*Data from Australia Post report, “Inside Australian Online Shopping 2020 eCommerce Industry Report”, https://bit.ly/2FLYOyJ

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