3 Ways I Made Extra Money During Lock-down

What a crazy time this is. Us Melburnians can’t go out of a 5km radius of our homes and are only allowed one hour of exercise per day. How do I stay entertained? Blogging of course! All jokes aside, I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy 🙂

Like many of us, I have been saving so much money being in this Melbourne Stage 4 lock-down. My transport and petrol costs have dropped from $200 – $300/month to basically nothing. I can’t socialise, go out to eat or watch a movie so no money spent in that area of the budget, either. However, I have also been finding ways to make extra money which I share with you below.

1. Cleared out my clutter and sold it online

Being stuck at home is the perfect time to clear out your wardrobe and decide what you no longer need. Photograph each piece, write a description of the condition and price it slightly higher than the amount you want. There are plenty of negotiators out there! I can often even make a slight profit on some of my items as I primarily buy second hand goods at a bargain price.

Not sure where to sell online? One of my favourite Melbourne-based bloggers, Emilia Rossi has written a post comparing Facebook Marketplace vs. Gumtree vs. eBay. Check it out by clicking here!

2. Freelance work in my industry

One of the best parts about being a digital marketer, is that there is always work available. Many companies need help with their marketing in the form of branding and social media, which is where I come in! If you are a professional with a set of skills, take advantage of this and do some extra work for a bit of cash.

Not sure how to get freelance opportunities? Okay, so I personally am not a fan of Fiverr or Upwork – any of those type of websites. I find that it is way too competitive and you’re fighting just to get gig. My advice? Use LinkedIn. Optimise your profile using SEO and advertise yourself on LinkedIn that you are open to freelance opportunities. If you’re stuck, I’d be happy to look over your profile for free – just send me the link on themoneymarketerblog@gmail.com and I’ll give you some advice.

And, if you’re a company that needs marketing help but don’t want to pay overpriced agencies, contact me by clicking here.

3. Recycled my old phones for cash

Don’t throw away your old phones because you can recycle them for cash! A quick Google search will help you find different companies in the area that do this. Keep in mind that if you have a phone in reasonable working condition, I would try to sell it first on one of the platforms listed in the first point. However, if it is a really old model or you are having trouble finding a buyer – recycle it!

Tip: Make sure you look at 2 – 3 different websites to compare prices first to make sure you are getting the most amount of money for your phone.

And, that’s it! Here’s how I’ve been trying to get extra cash during these crazy times. If you have been making money in any cool and unique ways, let me know – I’d love to hear it!

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