Here’s What I Invest In As An Australian Finance Blogger

“What stocks do you have in your portfolio?”

“What stocks are you currently buying?”

As a finance blogger, I frequently get the above questions. To be honest, it’s pretty boring! I purchase Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index ETF shares every months, or VDHG for short.

By percentage, it is the largest holding in my portfolio as I think the breakdown of the fund is suitable to my personal finance goals. It has a great mix of Australian, international and emerging market shares but is unique in that it also has a small percentage of bonds.

Wait, you’re not 100% in shares?!

Yup. I’m not. It seems unpopular for someone in their early 20s like myself to hold bonds, however I think a small percentage for diversification purposes can be beneficial. As I don’t own any real estate, my net worth is primarily tied up in shares. As this portfolio grows bigger, I like having a small percentage of bonds in there to act as a defensive asset.

This is just the investment that suits my personal goals and is certainly not a financial recommendation or what will work for you, also. However, if you are interested in index and ETF investing, I would suggest checking out Vanguard and their associated investment products and choose one that aligns with your goals.

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