The Money Marketer

The Money Marketer

I Spent Over $300 On a Thrift Clothing Haul

Buying items second hand is a great way to save money. Unless, you’re like me who drops $300 op shopping in one day making it not the best financial move that it is supposed to be. Whoops. Here’s my thrift clothing haul! FYI: All prices are in AUD. Corporate Wear With all of us slowlyContinue reading “I Spent Over $300 On a Thrift Clothing Haul”

All About Gold Investment

Why Invest In Gold? Through human history, gold has often been revered as a precious commodity. However, in 2022 does it still make sense to own gold? Here are some benefits that come from investing in gold, and how to get your hands on some. Benefits Of Gold Investment Diversification. Gold offers excellent diversification benefits.Continue reading “All About Gold Investment”

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