The Money Marketer

The Money Marketer

How and Why I’m Buying an Investment Property in 2022

Although I’ve been investing for the last six years, I’ve never considered buying an investment property. And now, I am trying to purchase a property: I have chosen literally the most difficult way to buy a property. Yup. Maybe I am an idiot. Moving on… Why I have never bought a house I’ve had myContinue reading “How and Why I’m Buying an Investment Property in 2022”

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

If you don’t have an emergency fund, you need to start working towards this right now! You’ll never hear me say this about anything else. Invest when you feel ready, buy real estate when you have the funds. However, creating an emergency fund is the opposite. You need an emergency fund now. Here’s why. WhatContinue reading “Why You Need an Emergency Fund”

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