First State Auctions Review: Buying Jewellery From Police Raids & Bankruptcies

Whoa, whoa – buying jewellery that belonged to criminals?! Yes! Here’s my review of First State Auctions.

I hadn’t previously heard of police jewellery auctions until I came across First State Auctions. I love jewellery and a good deal so I had to check it out.

The website mentions that they are “selected as auctioneers to various Commonwealth of Australia government agencies in the sale of seized, recovered and unclaimed jewellery.”

I browsed through the catalogue and my first thought were:


Not only were the pieces beautiful, but they had more uncommon items such as Argyle pink diamonds. I was salivating while browsing the catalogue. The other aspect I noticed were the reasonable prices, they were significantly less than what you would pay at a retail jeweller.

Of course, my first thoughts were “is first state auctions fake”? I am sure you would be thinking the same. Well, I decided to buy something and try it out so I’ll waste my money instead of yours.

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Look at those stunning diamonds!

I decided to sign up and place some bids. After being outbid very quickly, I managed to actually secure a piece! I bought a 1.05ct ruby, diamond and 14k yellow gold necklace for $475. With the 20% buyer’s premium, I paid a total of $570 which included registered shipping. This necklace was new and not pre-owned therefore I felt the price was suitable.

Winning the auction was such a thrill. It gave me the same adrenalin rush when I purchase stocks.

Great, I won the necklace. What happened next? Did it actually arrive? Is it legit?

I can confirm that First State Auctions is indeed legitimate and in fact, had great service post-purchase.

Upon winning the auction, I was immediately emailed a confirmation of purchase and my invoice. Later, a staff member reached out to confirm the postal address where the item needed to be sent.

After that, it was shipped out within a day or so by registered mail and I was provided a tracking number. It was a smooth, efficient process and the packaging was discreet and secure.

I received my package within 4 days of purchase and here is my stunning new ruby, diamond and gold necklace! What do you guys think is the story behind this necklace? I wonder who it belonged to.

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Looked even better than the picture! Came in a beautiful box too!
First State Auctions Review,The Money Marketer, The Money Marketer Blog, Ruba Khan, Ruba Khan Blog, Ruby necklace, ruby and diamond necklace, first state auctions, First state auctions fake
So elegant and dainty!

First State Auctions Review: Would I do it again?

Yes! Not only do you get a great deal on beautiful fine jewellery, but it’s such a fun experience. I really enjoyed the process of browsing, bidding and of course the feeling of winning the auction.

I’ve bought more…

Since the original ruby necklace, I have even made two more purchases with the website. I love checking the weekly auction catalogue to see if something else from my wish list pops up.

I’ve also been looking into other Australian police jewellery auctions websites – it’s good fun!

Of course, this is all after careful budgeting. Remember, fine jewellery is a luxury so it’s important to save and budget for some items.

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