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I’m A Student Again! Here Are 3 Awesome Student Discounts That I Am Using

I never imagined I’d say these words, but here I am—officially a student again.

Four years have passed since I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Business, believing I had left exams behind and hoping to clear my HECS-HELP student loan ASAP.

Well, not quite.

To the utter joy of my immigrant mother, I am now pursuing my MBA. I’m writing a blog post on why and how I am studying, along with the cost of my degree and more – keep an eye out for that. For now, being a student means I can dive back into the world of student discounts. Join me as I share the incredible perks I’ve already seized.

This poor lady thought she had finally finished studying…how wrong she was!

Spotify Student Membership

The minute my new student email was activated, I wasted no time in changing my Spotify membership. For years, I had been paying $11.99 a month for a Premium subscription, but discovering the 50% discount offered to students was awesome.

Now, I’m paying just $5.99 a month. Saving on fixed costs like rent, bills and memberships is a massive win, as they’re not as easily adjustable as bubble tea spending, for example.

$4 Office 365

Here’s another great student deal. Did you know that university students can get access to Microsoft Office 365 for just $4 a year? Yes, you read that right—$4 for an entire year!

After graduating, I sadly said goodbye to Microsoft Office, unwilling to pay the $109 annual subscription fee. However, discovering this student offer has been great. Now, I’m enjoying the entire Office suite for the price of a cup of coffee per year. As if that wasn’t enough, the package even includes a 1 TB of storage which is a great perk.

$12.50 Hoyts Movie Tickets

Another great student perk is $12.50 Hoyts movie tickets with Student Edge. Considering that adult Hoyts tickets are now hovering around the $24 mark, this translates to nearly 50% off! As someone who regularly goes to the movies, this is a great saving. However, I must confess, with how much I go to Hoyts now, I sometimes wonder if I’m just watching more movies without actually saving money LOL. But hey, at least I am having a good time.

These are just a few of the incredible student deals I’ve already tapped into! With a couple of years ahead of me to complete my MBA while juggling a full-time job, I’m determined to squeeze every bit of value from these discounts.

One particular discount that has caught my attention is student public transport rates. Although my online application to the Opal website was unsuccessful, I’m going to try to figure it out. Given my regular use of public transport, getting student rates could potentially save me hundreds of dollars each year. This would be a fantastic win for my budget.

If you know of any other cool student discounts, please share them with me! 😉

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