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Dyson Airwrap Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Here’s my Dyson Airwrap Review – with an RRP of $799, is this tool worth the money?

I bought the Airwrap so you don’t have to!

What is the Dyson Airwrap all about?

The Dyson Airwrap is an all-in-one hair styling tool. It styles hair using an “aerodynamic phenomenon” known as the Coanda effect which means hair is styled with air compared to extreme heat. The tool measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second, keeping the temperature under 150°C. This helps prevent heat damage. There is a main body which you can swap out the attachments on, kitchen-aid style. Essentially, you get multiple hair tools in one!

Why I bought the Dyson Airwrap

Before I get into my Dyson Airwrap review, here’s what made me fork out this much money for a…hair tool. Essentially, hair health. As mentioned, the Airwrap does not style hair with extreme heat. I am someone who takes great care of my hair and have avoided heat tools for years. While I love styled hair, I never felt it was “worth” damaging my hair for. But, having un-styled hair all the time kinda sucked, too. When I heard that the Dyson Airwrap significantly reduces the heat damage to hair, it was a “Take my money!” moment.

Here’s a pic of my hair!

The other aspect was time-saving. I have a lot of hair, it’s very long and takes even longer to dry. I had heard that the hair dryer attachment dried hair in a fraction of the time of a standard hair dryer which was another selling point for me. Therefore, as you can probably tell – the actual styling wasn’t high on the agenda. I wasn’t paying this much money to have the prettiest blowout at home, I was paying it so my hair would be healthy and I would save time.

I can understand for some of us, spending $799 on a hair tool is excessive but I enjoy taking care of my hair and am happy to buy “investment” pieces that will last me a long time. My hair has taken me years and years to grow out so I’d like to keep it in great shape.

Dyson Airwrap Review

For me personally, the Dyson Airwrap has been life-changing. Let’s talk about the two key aspects I was looking for – healthy styled hair and time saving.

Healthy Hair

The Airwrap has been very kind to my hair, and although I’ve been heat styling my hair 1-2 times a week – my hair has had little to no damage. This is where the “life-changing” part comes in, as I didn’t know it was even possible to have styled hair and no damage! I have good hair days, all the time!

Blowout brush dupe

There are many duplicates/similar products in the market which I’d like to address. Before I purchased the Airwrap, I actually bought one of these. I wanted to “test” myself and see if I would actually regularly style my hair, especially since it’s something I didn’t do often.

My opinion is that the actual “blowout” result at the end is very similar. The Dyson did not deliver a much nicer style than the cheaper brush. For a few weeks, I was so excited thinking I didn’t need to buy the Airwrap anymore. However, after some time I could start seeing the damage on my hair. After a month, I started seeing more split ends, my hair was drier and overall in worse shape. So much of my hair would get pulled out and be trapped in the tool. I’d be pulling out clumps of hair after every use. I gave it away shortly after and started using the Airwrap.

If you want a tool to give you the best style, the blowout brushes are excellent. However, if hair health is your priority I would advise to be cautious with them.


More hair pics…

As a time-poor person, I am always trying to make my life more efficient and maximise my time. I even did a time audit, which I’ve talked all about here. The Dyson Airwrap has delivered well on the time-saving front, helping me make better use of my time.

As mentioned, I have long, waist-length hair. From wet to styled hair, it takes me 15-20 minutes. This is a drastic reduction from standard hair tools where I used to spend closer to an hour. This is as the Airwrap dries and styles your hair at the same time cutting the time you spend on your hair in half!

Final thoughts

The Dyson Airwrap is an excellent tool. It styles your hair efficiently while keeping it healthy. Thinking of buying the Dyson Airwrap? Here’s what to keep in mind. While the price is $799, keep an eye out on sales. I purchased mine from Adore Beauty when they were having a 15% off Dyson sale. This got me just under $120 off and I paid $679 for my Dyson Airwrap. I’ve also seen Dyson offer gifts with purchases such as brushes and combs so keep your eye out for that as well.

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