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Are Vitamix Blenders Worth It? $600 Blender Review

Is a Vitamix worth the money?

Are Vitamix blenders worth it? Six years ago, I made the big decision to buy a Vitamix.

Even after a sale, it ended up costing $595. Yes, I spent that much money on a blender. Is that insane? Maybe. However, after six years I believe I can give a solid review into if it was worth the high price tag.

Why I decided to get a bougie blender

My family used to purchase cheap blenders that cost around $50 and they would always break within a year, it was so frustrating. We even tried getting “nicer” blenders at the $100 mark which didn’t work out well, either. Basically, I wanted a blender that wouldn’t fall apart in 12 months. I decided enough was enough and I was happy to invest in a top of the line blender.

All about Vitamix

I had heard great things about the Vitamix brand – from friends and the internet alike. Their blenders are supposedly focused on high-performance, boasting “incredible processing speeds”. From smoothies to soups, I had the impression that this machine would be one that lasts. At the time, the particular model I was looking at (this one) also came with an impressive seven year manufacturer warranty in case anything happened to the machine.

Now, the model I bought (S30) looks like it’s discontinued, but what attracted me was that it was much smaller than some of the standard Vitamix blenders. This came with a “smaller” price tag, too. It was $800+ at the time, however the white model was discounted to $595 which is how I snagged a discount. It came with the machine, a blending jug, tamper, two extra blending cups and a really nice cook book.

I figured rather than spending $50-100 every year on a new blender that would kill itself as soon as I put ice in, I should just get a great one. Doing the math, I figured if the Vitamix lasts me 10 years, it will be the same price as buying a cheap one every year. But, I’d be getting a higher quality experience while reducing waste.

My review of the Vitamix Blender

So, the big question – are Vitamix Blenders worth it? Wow, has the Vitamix delivered! I have abused this poor thing the last six years and it has not acted up even once. I use it for a range of things such as making smoothies, cocktails, batters, sauces and soups. When I run out of breadcrumbs, I’ll throw in a slice of bread in the blender to make a fresh batch. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a smoothie out since my purchase, knowing I can make an awesome one at home.

Things like blending ice can be a struggle for many standard machines, however the Vitamix has successfully passed every test that I have put it through. I even blended whole spices for a masala chai mix and it actually blended them into a fine powder (with some help from the tamper!).

When I bought my Vitamix blender, I still lived at home. So, when I moved out I naturally took my Vitamix with me. The funny thing is, my mum immediately purchased her own Vitamix for the household once I left! That’s a good review on its own, right?

Are Vitamix Blenders Worth It?

Yes! In my opinion, the Vitamix blender was worth the money. I use it multiple times a week and it has helped tremendously with cooking and making drinks. It solved the main “issue” I had of blenders breaking down annually and has been going strong.

Even after six years, it is still running very well and I’ve heard that they can last for up to thirty years! That sounds a little crazy, but I’ll keep you updated on how mine goes, I would love for it to last as long as possible. If it lasts thirty years, it would cost me only $19.83 a year!

That being said, it is an expensive item. I’d say if you’re someone who doesn’t use a blender more than once a week, you won’t get as much value out of such a pricey one. Also, if you’re interested in a Vitamix but don’t like the price tags there are a few alternative options. There are many refurbished and second hand Vitamix out there at much lower prices, a testament to how long they last!

However, I have plenty of articles on saving money if you need some support saving for a Vitamix. Here are my recommendations:

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