Who is the Money Marketer?

85% of Australian women under 35 don’t understand fundamental investment concepts*. I’d like to change that.

I’m The Money Marketer. After forcibly becoming a financial planner for those around me, I have decided to make the move to the digital space. This was motivated by my passion for finance, but also because I am not in a position to lose anymore friends to my 45 minute finance rants. I have four at best, ah the joys of being an adult.

As the title has made very clear, I currently work as a marketer in Melbourne. Although I did a minor in finance at uni, I am in no way a professional and my advice is to be a guide rather than actionable steps for your financial health.

I believe that there is a real lack of financial education in the education system which I find concerning. I’d love to use this tool as a mechanism to help educate and teach young Australians basic financial concepts, as well as sharing my stories and experience. The aim for this space is to offer ideas and discussion. For financial planning, please visit a fee-based financial planner.

That’s a little bit about me.

*EY Sweeney, Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker (Wave 5), March 2017

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Hi, I'm Ruba! The Money Marketer is a financial discussion space to discuss all things money and investment, with a touch of food and lifestyle.

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